Radicalization and Extremism Prevention

Introduction to radicalization prevention in prisons


This specialised course module aims to guide prison professionals on understanding the nature and background of radicalization in prisons, identify its risk factors, as well as the different stages related to the radicalization process. Moreover, it outlines the usage of specific tools for an adequate assessment of radicalization in prison contexts.

Estimated duration: 3h30 for 1 week.

Who should attend?

• Prison administration professionals

• Prison governors

• Prison service trainers

• Change facilitators

Training modality

• E-learning and self-study


• None


• Certificate of completion

Course duration

Total: 3h30

• E-learning: 3h

• Self-study: 30min


The content of this course has been developed and piloted in Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal and The Netherlands, under the WayOut project, co-funded by the European Commission under the Internal Security Fund - Police programme. The course content is free to access (except any modules with restricted access due to certification requirements). The price associated with this course refers to expert tutoring and learning management system fees.

  • Contents
  • What is radicalization
  • Introduction
  • The fundamentals of radicalization
  • Exercises - The fundamentals of radicalization
  • Pathways to radicalization
  • Pathways to radicalization
  • Exercises - Pathways to radicalisation
  • Levels and mechanisms of radicalization
  • Levels and mechanisms of radicalisation
  • Exercises - Levels and mechanisms of radicalization
  • Radicalization in prison settings
  • Radicalization in prison
  • Exercises - Radicalization in prison
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever